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ReseArt con il suo filmaker “soloperpassione”  Giuseppe Campagnoli, dopo il riconoscimento nel 2015 con il cortometraggio ironico “Rondeaux Ex pòP 2015” ha ricevuto una nuova menzione onorevole nella competizione del 2016 della London International Creative Competition per il video musicale “Bella Ciao 2016”. Qui sono stati premiati oltre al linguaggio visivo anche la performance musicale dell’autore. E’ appena il caso di ricordare che entrambi i prodotti sono caratterizzati da un evidente impegno critico, nei contenuti, sull’attuale situazione dell’arte, del mercato e della politica nel mondo in cui viviamo, filtrato attraverso il paese da cui si osserva: l’Italia, la sua storia e le sue odierne contraddizioni. Ora, sia ReseArt che il suo autore si possono fregiare del logo di “Vincitore” della edizione 2016.


London International Creative  Competition


London International Creative Competition is a vehicle for facilitating contact between uniquely talented artists and an international audience.


LICC invites passionate visual artists from around the glob to submit their innovative artwork for inclusion in the LICC competition. The artwork is juried by a board of internationally luminaries of the visual arts. The jury-selected Final Selection and Shortlist is published in the LICC Annual Awards Book, on this website and is announced to the creative arts and media outlets worldwide.


One prize-winner will be chosen by the jury from the list of 15 FINALISTS to receive the £2,000 cash prize. All fifteen on finalists will receive the LICC Awards unique trophy.


It has been designed by Architect ARSHIA of VOID Inc. Each Finalist will receive a segment of the LICC Awards slate. When each trophy is fit together, it will form a completed piece of art work, like a jigsaw puzzle. On the 10th anniversary of LICC, all the artist along with their trophies, will gather together and present their altered trophy. At that time, these piece will be united, combined, and put on display at an exhibition in London.


LICC concept was developed originally by two artists, Launa Bacon for Farmani Group in 2006. Among other things, Farmani group has founded many charities, businesses, and organizations including the award-winning VUE magazine, The Lucie Awards (the Oscars of photography), , Focus on AIDS, International Photography Awards, Px3-PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS, Art For New York, the Farmani Gallery, aNet Communications, and Design Awards.

Competitions will be held annually followed by an an awards ceremony and publication.

Based in the internationally acclaimed artistic center of London, LICC hosted the first awards show in June 2008.”

Alimentazione Cibo Esposizione Universale LICC Video

Expo-pop 2015. Honourable mention alla London International Creative Competition


Il videoclip Rondeau Ex-pòp 2015 Short, prodotto da ReseArt e realizzato da Giuseppe Campagnoli ha ricevuto una Honorable Mention alla LICC (London International Creative Competition). L’unica opera d’arte riguardante l’Expo di Milano tra i vincitori. Dopo il discreto successo in rete per un video non sponsorizzato nemmeno dall’autore, questa è una buonissima notizia. Ecco la trascrizione della mail di comunicazione: “

“Dear giuseppe

As we had mentioned in our previous email, we had planned to organize a small event in London at the end of October to honor the winners of the 2014-2015 competitions.

However, after polling this year’s winners to see how many would be able to make it to London for such an event, only a handful have responded that they could attend in person. Most of the winners would need to travel from overseas and find it impossible to make such a long trip for a one-night event.

So, since the majority of the winners will not be able to make it, we have decided to cancel the event in London this year, and will instead arrange to have your trophies sent to you.

We are truly sorry to not be able to see you all and honor your achievement in person, and we appreciate your understanding. We will be contacting each of you at a later date regarding details for shipping your LICC trophy to you.

Thank you so much for your support of LICC and congratulations once again on being selected as one of our winners.”

Hossein Farmani
President, LICC


Ecco il cortometraggio vincitore della menzione: