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Da oggi una lunga pausa dai social. Troppe interferenze idiote. Non sopporto più il codiddetto “popolo della rete”. Ho bisogno di respirare un po’ di aria non viziata. Girerò solo gli articoli di ReseArt e della #scuolasenzamura.

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New economy.Old economy.

di Giuseppe Campagnoli Giuseppe-Campagnoli

It is  no good to make graphics, speeches and recipes about economy. Had someone the idea that capitalism is at the last stop and we must think of something else? World needs democratic socialism and sustainable development strictly based on fairness and balance of incomes and assets.  It would not be so complicated. The sick is now hopeless. What is happening in Europe will also happen in the so-called emerging countries and apparently recovering. It ‘s just a matter of time. And then it will be a tragedy! Should the UN  finally   help and save the world against  religious,political and tribal wars which are only economical wars?

Giuseppe Campagnoli Agosto 2014